Fleurs du Jour
Flowers and their Meanings

Flowers are the second most beautiful visual aspect of a ceremony - next to the happy couple of course. They can create an illusion, set a mood, or transform
a simple area into something quite splendid. If a religious site is planned for the vows, make sure you check with your contact person about rules regarding
flowers - amounts, placement, fire regulations, etc. Some religious sites request that you leave the flowers as a donation after the ceremony, so you'll want
to know this ahead of time especially if you plan to have the flower arrangements doing double duty at the reception.

Flowers are often used to convey a special message. Listed below are some of the more well known posies and their meanings:

ALSTROMARIA - devotion
AMBROSIA - love returned
ARBUTUS - you only do I love
BABY'S BREATHE - innocence
CAMELLIA -perfected loveliness
CARNATION (PINK) - woman's love
CLOVER (4 LEAFED) - be mine
DAISY - innocence, romance
FUCHSIA - confiding love
HONEYSUCKLE (CORAL) - fidelity, generous & devoted love
IVY - fidelity, friendship, marriage, wedded love
JASMINE (INDIAN) - attraction, I attach myself to you
LILY (WHITE) - purity & sweetness
LILY OF THE VALLEY - perfect purity, return of happiness
ORANGE BLOSSOM - chastity, bridal festivities, happiness, fertility
ROSE (RED) - unity, romantic love
ROSE (WHITE) - worthy of love, unity, purity, humility
STEPHANOTIS - come to me, marital happiness
SWEET SULTAN - happiness
TULIP (RED) - declaration of love
VIOLET (BLUE) - faithfulness, love, loyalty

Now with all this having been said, the flowers you choose should have meaning to you. Whether you like the color,
the shape or the scent - it's your day and the flowers should reflect your personalities.

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